18 May, 2021

Tip Of The Suckerberg

Cambridge Analytica is a warning sign. And Indians are at risk: the country has no data protection law.

Illustration by Sajith Kumar
Tip Of The Suckerberg


  • Qualitative methodology to describe consumers’ psychological attributes.
  • Psychographic profile: profiles ­interests, activities, opinions, lifestyle.
  • Does this by looking at consumer behaviour, preferences, web surfing patterns, call records and purchases
  • All this is used to classify people.
  • Companies use profiles for targeted sales and marketing campaigns.
  • Trump presidential campaign used this to ­influence voters.


The revelation that Facebook had allowed personal infor­mation from 50 million user ­acc­ounts in the US to be used by British data analytics company Cambridge Analytica shook the world. It took a toll on the stock prices of many companies including Facebook, whose value tanked significantly, and cre­ated a trust deficit in social ­media worldwide. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg will face the US Congress next week to answer que­stions...

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