23 June, 2021

Time Line

The highs and lows of Beijing - New Delhi's relationship

Time Line
December 30, 1949 India recognises the People’s Republic of China; only the second non-Communist country to do so

Oct 1950-May 1951 China invades the Eastern Tibet provincial capital of Chamdo; captures governor. Compels a Tibetan delegate to sign an agreement accepting China’s suzerainty.

1954 India and China sign Panchsheel. In June, Chinese premier Zhou Enlai visits India. Emphasises the sanctity of Panchsheel. In October, Nehru returns the visit, makes a trip to Beijing. Signs a Sino-India trade agreement.

1956 Zhou Enlai visits India in November. A goodwill mission!

1959 In January, Zhou Enlai spells out China’s claim to 40,000 square miles of Indian territory in Ladakh and the Northeast. On April 3, the Dalai Lama escapes from Lhasa. India grants him asylum.

1960 On April 19, Nehru and Zhou meet in New Delhi. Deadlock over...

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