14 June, 2021

Time For Big Push

The fight in Kargil intensifies, and it's now a race against time as well

Time For Big Push
Though the Indian army appears to be gaining some ground three weeks into a de facto war, the Kargil operation is a long way from being over. A grim haul ahead seems almost certain as the armed forces continue the fight in a terrain that must surely be one of the most inhospitable in the world. To the credit of the army, it is making a fair amount of headway in the Dras sub-sector, where it had failed to make any gains earlier. It is now zeroing in on Pakistani intruders holding positions atop the mountain peaks, one of the toughest phases of the campaign.

Officers at the Operation Vijay command centre of the 15th Corps in Srinagar, however, have no misconceptions of the difficulty of their task ahead. According to the latest reports, the infiltrators have established over 80 posts on the extended battlefront. The Kargil sector extends to about 150 kilometres with Dras on one end and Batalik on the other. The army may have recaptured a few posts, but they are few and far between.

According to sources, in a section in Dras, the intruders have managed to place themselves in...

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