18 June, 2021

Till Kingdom Come

Northeast emigre Jews are having to prove their credentials in Israel

Till Kingdom Come

Who Are The Bnei Menashe?

  • Mizos and Manipuris claim they are descended from the ancient and “lost” Manasseh tribe of Israel
  • Some 1,700 have migrated to Israel, another 7,000 are waiting to join them
  • One of Israel’s top rabbis ruled that they may “return” only after conversion to a most orthodox stream of Judaism
  • Their return has been controversial in Israel, especially as many have been settled in the ‘occupied’ West Bank

“If there is a need to live in the occupied territories, we will do it,” declares Rabbi Yehuda Gin  Vaiphei. He lives in Kiryat Arba, a volatile illegal settlement near Hebron on the West Bank, whose residents routinely clash with...

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