16 May, 2021

Tight Circle In A Desert Storm

This book covers the sacred and the profane, the bizarre and the brazen, the rich and the poor; proof of India’s diversity.

Tight Circle In A Desert Storm

Steve McCurry, Magnum photographer, is perh­aps best known for his hau­­nting 1985 image, ‘Afghan Girl’, which appeared on the cover of National Geograp­hic. McCurry has perhaps taken more photographs in India than in any other country, including his native America. He has been visiting India for the past 35 years (“I think I’ve made 80 trips”) and India is his first book dedicated to the country. He had done an earlier book on the monsoons but this is far more ambitious, a reminder of just how vast and varied this country is, punctuated with so much colour and contrast. As he said during the book launch, “When extremes col­­lide, it is visually arresting.” Yet it takes a special talent to capture that fleeting moment in time, the look on a face, the huddle of women in a storm, the contrast betw­een light and shade that makes for an iconic photograph.

McCurry has earned international fame for covering the world’s hot spots as a news photographer—Afgha­nistan, the...

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