25 October, 2020

Tigers Only Chanted

In Eelam-aspiring Lanka, Prabhakaran was the Tamil hope. An ungodly deity in fatigues.

Tigers Only Chanted

Tamil Nadu leaders, despite being worshipped as gods, accepted people’s verdict—with apparent humility. South of that state, across the Palk Strait, the story is starkly different. In Sri Lanka, an uncrowned king of Tamils used the migrant community’s yearning for a strong leadership against a Sinhala oppression into a carte blanche to kill, maim, enlist and finally sacrifice his own people. The nation was what Velupillai Prabhakaran willed; anyone against him was a traitor. So, most competing leaders were killed all dissent was drowned. Everything, in the name of a proposed independent Eelam for the Tamil diaspora in the island.

The fearful adulation of the Tamil people manifested in sycophantic demonstrations of loyalty. Even to commemorate the fallen fighters, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam chose the week of Prabhakaran’s birth. The maveera naal or the Great Hero’s Day was celebrated on November 26, just a day after Prabhakaran’s birthday. While the last Eelam war was still on, The Voice of Tigers, the LTTE’s FM station,...



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