26 July, 2021

Ticker Tape

Ticker Tape
The Shiv Sena was on the boil again in Mumbai. Apparently, the statue of Meenatai, Bal Thackeray’s late wife, was vandalised. They vandalised back.

Freedom at last. Mush’s regime amends the draconian Hudood Ordinance. Hundreds of women jailed on minor crimes like adultery get bail.

Identical twins Jaroslaw (right) and Lech Kaczynski are Poland’s new PM and Prez respectively. An extreme "moral revolution" is under way.

ULFA sends a Rs 15 lakh extortion missive, with dire threats, to the rbi’s Assam regional director. A letter to ONGC had asked for Rs 50 cr.

Inter-caste couples are now assured protection from harassment. An SC ruling calls caste "the root of all evil in...

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