15 June, 2021

Through A Pair Of Binocs, Darkly

Accounts of intelligence cops who scouted the frontline

Through A Pair Of Binocs, Darkly

K. Tashi
Constable with the State Intelligence Bureau during the war

I was 25 then. We knew the Chinese were definitely up to something, for we had been filing reports for some time. I’d say their movements increased in the days before the war broke out. One night, we heard continuous firing. Our worst fears had come true. The Chinese had attacked. I was scared.

At my observation post, we were four—our officer commanding (OC) and three constables. Realising that a full-fledged battle had broken out, we abandoned our post and ran downhill, towards Assam. Despite the hunger, I was unable to eat anything for six days. I felt like drinking a lot of water, but couldn’t swallow it. Eight days of roaming and avoiding the enemy, and we finally reached a refugee camp that had been set up in Shillong. We had come across via Bhutan.

On the 13th day after the war broke out, as we headed back to Tawang from the Shillong camp, we saw bodies of Indian soldiers...

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