27 July, 2021

Through A Mist

There is humour in this collection, and humaneness. And there is hope.

Through A Mist

Mainland India still has much to discover about the Northeast. Distance can be a barrier, as can the reluctance to travel to areas where insurgent groups operate. But these are poor excuses for ignoring the extraordinarily vibrant and varied cultures and peoples of the region beyond the “Chicken’s Neck”. As this anthology, a true treasury, proves, authors from all over the Northeast are not just writing for their own linguistic groups or their own region, they are reaching out to the rest of India. And they have an enormous amount to offer.

It was therefore a challenge for Tilottoma Misra, the editor of these two companion volumes, to choose what to include and what to leave out. She has opted for works from three generations of writers since Independence. Many are translations into English from languages such as Manipuri, Assamese and Bengali, but among the present generation she finds more original work in English.

The first volume is dedicated to short stories, and the second to poetry and essays on aspects...

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