01 October, 2020

Through A Funny-Poignant Masque

A delightful tale of love narrated to the audience in a ballad-like song sung by Jacob Rajan, the writer and sole actor

Through A Funny-Poignant Masque

Krishnan’s Dairy
Jacob Rajan.
Directed and written by Jacob Rajan.
Rating: ***

Gobi Krishnan is a middle class Indian man who moves to New Zealand with his wife, Zina, and newborn son, Apu, in search of a better life for his family. He opens up a ‘dairy’—which in NZ is a corner store selling everything from fresh vegetables to mint candies—and is happy chasing his dream in a foreign land. But Zina is constantly homesick and wishes she could go back to the warmth of family and friends in her own land. He tries to comfort her, even as he chides her for not being friendly with the customers. She fusses over him, and cribs about life in a bitterly cold climate. And thus the couple—who has had an arranged marriage—gradually “grow into love”.

Their delightful tale of love is first narrated to the audience in a ballad-like song sung by Jacob...



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