14 May, 2021

Those Hollow Russian Dolls

Christopher Andrew's book on KGB spy Mitrokhin opens a few chapters on Indian history. But socialism was the ideology of the time, and not everything was part of KGB design. Updates

Those Hollow Russian Dolls
KGB's Cagey Role
  • Took Indira Gandhi on holiday in the early '50s to
     the Black Sea with handsome Russians around her
  • Sent suitcases of money to her house when she was PM
  • Book names L.N. Mishra as one who accepted money
  • Funded the CPI
  • Financed 21 non-communist leaders including four 
    ministers in the 1977 general election
  • Honey-trapped officials in Indian embassy in Moscow
  • Persuaded Indira Gandhi about the CIA's plan to 
    overthrow and kill her


"The Indian diplomat PROKHOR was 
recruited...with the help of a female swallow, 
codenamed NEVEROVA, who presumably 
seduced him. The KGB was clearly pleased 
with the material which PROKHOR provided."

"The KGB's first prolonged contact with 
Indira Gandhi...occurred...in 1953.... 
The Second Chief Directorate...
surrounded her with handsome, attentive 
male admirers.... Indira was overwhelmed...."

"Andropov personally turned down an 

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