14 June, 2021

"This Was A BJP Lab Experiment"

The trustee of Gujarat Today the only Muslim newspaper in the state with a wide readership on the recent riots.

"This Was A BJP Lab Experiment"
Gujarat Today is the only Muslim newspaper in the state with a wide readership. Shiraj Tirmizi, trustee of the paper, is a low-profile man who shuns publicity. He spoke to Outlook on the recent riots that has hit the Muslims the worst. Excerpts:

How do you explain this outbreak of violence?
Gujaratis are an industrious people and over the years they have been so busy making money that the smaller and temporal affairs have been left to outsiders. Gujaratis have specialised in hiring contractors to do jobs that they should have done themselves. We’re now seeing the result of this indifference. Religion here is in the hands of outsiders (mainly from UP and Bihar). A lot of this violence is their handiwork.

What about the role of the VHP, Bajrang Dal and the state BJP government?
It’s well known that Gujarat is a BJP laboratory where it has experimented well. This latest round of carnage is another such experiment. If the results are good, then who knows how far they will go.

How would you define this lab?
The VHP...

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