21 June, 2021

"This Is Just The Beginning"

A day before his arrest, KRRS president, Professor M.D. Nanjundaswamy, was fiercely unrepentant.

"This Is Just The Beginning"
Why did you vandalise KFC?

This is actually satyagraha, a weapon given to mankind by Gandhiji not only as an alternative to the ballot but also to the bullet. Our method of satyagraha is different because the times are different. Where governments are bartering away the country's sovereignty and interests of the people, there is no alternative other than resorting to direct democratic action. These transnationals are here to ransack the country. What we did was simple: ransack the ransackers.

But Gandhiji would never have approved of the violence...

Who says it's violence? Only destruction of life is violence. During the Quit India movement, Gandhiji was asked whether blowing up a goods train carrying British arms constituted an act of violence. Gandhiji said blowing up passenger trains is violence.

How long did you plan the attack? Were you waiting for the platoon of policemen to be removed?

These things don't need much planning. We would have done it even if the platoon was there. We just gave time to...

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