03 August, 2021

"This Campign Is To Minimise Crime"

KUSU president Shamsher Singh Chauhan, who is supported in his mission by the ABVP, speaks to Outlook. Excerpts:

"This Campign Is To Minimise Crime"

Why have you launched this campaign against dating in Kanpur?
To minimise crime.

How are the two related?
A girl these days enjoys flirting with many boys instead of going steady with one. This attitude often leads to unhealthy rivalry and competition amongst the boys. To prove themselves they can even destroy one another. Look what happened to Arti.

But that didn’t involve a third party?
Arti was seeing this guy and suddenly dumped him because of a scar he had on his stomach. In retaliation he too wanted to scar her, which is why he threw acid on her. We feel absolutely justified in our mission.

People here are rather upset with your (destructive) ways?
I don’t think so. Instead we have parents thanking us for helping them to discipline their children according to our culture.

What does that allow?
Celebrating Raksha Bandhan, besides married couples can go out freely and of course wearing traditional clothes like salwar kameez and saris.

How would you know if a couple was married or...

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