06 May, 2021

This Baker Goes Well ­Beyond A Dozen

Shivesh Bhatia, Foodie of the Year

This Baker Goes Well ­Beyond A Dozen

Shivesh Bhatia’s first encounter with baking wasn’t an ideal one. During a family gathering, as he and his cousins sat reminiscing about their B’s famous chocolate cake, they decided to bake cupcakes with a Betty Crocker cake mix. The experiment left Shivesh with a batch of burnt cupcakes, but a firm resolve to master baking.

Bhatia calls himself a self-made baker and, needless to say, those burnt cupcakes weren’t his last. Yet, not many reach where the 20-year-old political science student from Delhi University has. He started his experiments from his kitchen—a workstation he uses still. As more people began to try his sugary delights, a friend advised him to post pictures of his cakes on Instagram. A novice at social media, Shivesh started by clicking and posting everything, but soon enough, he got the hang of it and started his own blog, Bake with Shivesh. As his viewership grew, more people started asking for his recipes. His easy-to-follow recipes caught the attention of companies and other food bloggers and soon his business was...

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