01 August, 2021

Third Sack of Delhi

Third Sack of Delhi

NADIR Shah’s raiders sacked Delhi in 1739. Brutish British soldiery ravaged Delhi in 1857. The city’s (and the country’s) smug and self-indulgent ‘elite’ is now mindlessly engaged in the third sack of Delhi. Urban prettification, pollution control and consumerist greed are regarded as sufficient grounds to ruin the economic production base of a city of 14 million enterprising citizens. The economic life-blood of millions of workers and small businessmen is sought to be drained out by a self-seeking class of bureaucrats, professionals and politicians who have embraced the combined thrust of the World Trade Organisation’s (wto) dictatorial commercial regime, the Supreme Court’s insensitive fatwas and the ministry of urban development’s bulldozer tactics.

Thousands of factories, especially small enterprises, countrywide have already closed down due to cheap, subsidised, foreign goods being dumped on India ever since the government surrendered on April 1, 2000, to the new wto-supervised trade regime. The recent sealing of...

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