02 August, 2021

'They Passed Me From Man To Man, Blindfolded'

The bandit queen's much-awaited graphic first person account of her humiliation and revenge

'They Passed Me From Man To Man, Blindfolded'

Phoolan, with Vickram Mallah’s gang, is hiding in the jungles. This is her last night with Vickram, the night that turns into a nightmare without end. Shri Ram, the red-haired demon, takes his toll...

I was relieved when, at last, night came. I was glad the day had ended. A bed had been prepared for Vickram under a tarpaulin hung across some branches to keep the rain off. He lay down on it, exhausted. With my pillow under my arms, I asked Bare Lal where I should sleep. Vickram reached over and touched my hand.

"Come to me," he said tenderly.

"No, you’re tired."

"Yes, come here close to me."

Since his injury, I usually let him sleep alone. The doctors had said he needed to get his strength back. Though he never complained about it, I could see that the gunshot lodged in his back was still giving him pain. In any case, in the jungle, we were mindful of the others and we slept apart for safety’s sake too. But I hadn’t been able to lie close to him for so long, I wasn’t...

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