28 November, 2020

"There's Not Much Support From India"

The literary fugitive wants to visit the country of his birth and take in the smells, noise and atmosphere but is unwilling to do so, as he explains to Farrukh Dhondy.

"There's Not Much Support From India"
It was reported that you were on the Nobel Prize short-list. That must have been gratifying...
It happens every year and the media go crazy. They call your agent and ask where you will be at 12 o'clock. Just in case. Everyone is excited if they make it before someone else. It's of course incredibly flattering. Nine nominees, among them Norman Mailer and Gunter Grass. It's a hell of a list. I think Gunter Grass is a great writer, so I feel very happy that he got it.

You're a bit young for the Nobel, perhaps...
Yeah? Twelve or 13 books is not so few.

But don't you feel you've just begun?
I haven't finished. I feel very full of books at the moment.

The new edition of Haroun and the Sea of Stories: it's not exclusively a children's book, is it?
At one level, it's about serious things - about language and silence. About speech and the silencing of speech.

"From the moment I could talk, I was ordered to listen"...
Who's that; that's a song, isn't it?

Don't you...



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