13 June, 2021

‘There’s No Pressure On Me To Quit’

A relaxed agriculture minister spoke to iOutlook while clearing his files at his Krishi Bhavan office

‘There’s No Pressure On Me To Quit’

A relaxed Sharad Pawar spoke to Outlook while clearing files at his Krishi Bhavan office. Excerpts:

Are you under pressure to quit?

I don’t know whether it is political or is it only the media. Of course, I can understand that you (media) have responsibility to see that your space will be covered. From that angle, these questions do come, but I don’t think there is any  discussion in the government in recent meetings that has referred to this.

Do you have the full support of the pmo for your actions to contain prices?

Whatever decisions we take are collective. It is true that the drought has affected sugarcane, rice and pulses. But fortunately, the situation has improved for the second crop (rabi) and we have taken a massive programme in consultation with the state governments to bring additional area under cultivation for this season. Besides, we have procured more rice for our buffer stocks, which will put us in a comfortable position for well over one year. Similarly, for wheat,...

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