30 September, 2020

"There's A Limit To Marketisation"

S. Gurumurthy convenor of the Swadeshi Jagran Manch, which is believed to be the RSS' economic forum, spells out the BJP's economic agenda to A.S. Panneerselvan — if it comes to power. But he emphasises that this is "what the BJP should

"There's A Limit To Marketisation"

Is there place for a swadeshi economy at this stage of global economic development?
The global trade regime is only a perception and not a practice of free trade. In reality, massively managed trade is taking place. Every country looks after its interest. America looks after American interest everywhere. India cannot be an exception.

How do you view the Indian liberalisation process?
Under the socialist regime, the establishment generated attitudes varying from dislike to hatred for the rich. People began to enjoy luxury and comfort in secrecy. When socialism was lifted, the objection to being and becoming rich evaporated. The sudden easing of restraints created a sudden urge for sudden money. The stock market boom, the scams, are some of the manifestations. Liberalisation is a transfer of more and more public space to the market—from state, society, family and community. I believe there is a limit to marketisation of India.

But will the BJP be able to reverse the current trend?
There is a primary difference between the BJP, the RSS...



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