15 June, 2021

There’s A Hole In The Pocket, Dear Rahul

Can Priyanka prevent the fall of bastion Amethi?

Nirala Tripathi
There’s A Hole In The Pocket, Dear Rahul
  • Gandhi bastion Amethi showing signs of a breach. Even Priyanka, the Congress’s star campaigner, struggling against the mounting anti-Rahul Gandhi sentiment.
  • Priyanka highlights special schemes in Congress’s VVIP constituency but it’s mostly diminishing returns
  • Amethi still wrestling with basic issues like sadak, bijli, paani. The lack of jobs, decent education opportunities has the people looking for change.
  • People tired of “hello, ta-ta, bye bye” culture. It’s the absentee status of Rahul versus Modi’s message of hope.


At a nondescript turn of a dirt-track leading from Ambarpur village to Purey Kushaal village, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, canvassing for her brother and two-time MP from Amethi, Rahul Gandhi, arrives at perhaps the defining moment of the 2014 Lok Sabha polls. It’s nearing 5 in the evening and Priyanka is on her way to another meeting after winding up a session with a motley group from the Congress’s self-help...

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