22 September, 2020

There Will Be No Full Stops

The presumption is modi faces no rivals...hence just a simple majority means a setback.

There Will Be No Full Stops

If. This routine conjunction in parts of speech has seldom held such political implications. What if the verdict on December 20 is.... To start with, there are two primary verdicts: Modi wins, or, upsetting all surveys and assessments, he loses. If he loses, subsequent vanvaas would make even the setback of 1995—when he was shunted out of Gujarat—a pleasant memory. Such an outcome would virtually entail the Sangh parivar kissing goodbye to its prospects at the next hustings. The Congress would robustly consider a snap poll. The gop will find fence-sitters also willing to latch on.

But is such a verdict possible? Statistically, even the strangest result is a probability, especially with someone like Modi who has almost the entire Sangh parivar ganged up against him. Some liken his situation to Mahabharata’s Abhimanyu, caught inside the chakravyuh.

But if Modi pierces the mythical ring, it gives rise to two options: either he sweeps the polls as predicted by most or barely manages to stay afloat—any tally below 105 seats (total 182)...



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