25 February, 2021

'There Is No Rift'

Fresh from his Wimbledon triumph, Mahesh Bhupathi spent some time with friends and teenaged players at The Tennis Village, where B.R. Srikanth spoke to him.

'There Is No Rift'
You and Leander have had a heady summer. What helped you win two Grand Slams in a row?
The basic thing was that we believed in ourselves. People were starting to question whether we were really ready for big time after losing in many semi-finals and the finals of the Australian Open. We believed in ourselves knew that we are going to win a Grand Slam, and so we took it. We didn't wait for someone to give it to us.

You and Paes have picked different partners for the next tournaments. Is there a rift?
There were never any problems, just rumours spread unnecessarily. We have to be professional about our relationship because there are lots of people who are trying to put spokes when we are at this level. So, right now we are in the middle of a great relationship, and are giving 100 per cent for each other on court and are friends off court. And I never go to the US after playing in Wimbledon. But Leander does have to play doubles, and just because he is playing with someone else it doesn't mean he's quitting me. There's lot of money in this game, and that's...

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