30 July, 2021

'There Is An Umbilical Cord'

RSS spokesman on the perceived rift between the Sangh and the BJP.

Narendra Bisht
'There Is An Umbilical Cord'

Advani attacked the RSS in his concluding remarks to the BJP national executive. He's called for a debate on the BJP-RSS relationship. Will there be a debate?
As long as we don't join issue, how can there be a debate? Also, till now the BJP's relationship with the RSS was described as an umbilical cord. The BJP is part of the parivar's ideological fraternity. We assume there is no shift in this. If there is a shift, we will discuss it.

Is the RSS meddling too much in BJP affairs?
Let me make it clear, the RSS does not meddle. But we take note of Advaniji's caution that perhaps there is a perception that we are meddling. If he is correct, then we will sit together and find out what the reason is for this perception. But remember, the Sangh consists of 40-plus organisations. How can we meddle in the day-to-day affairs of so many organisations?

What about a mechanism to coordinate RSS-BJP affairs?
There is an informal mechanism. We are not two watertight compartments. An informal consultation goes on through...

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