29 November, 2020

'There Are Ways To Integrate'

The high-profile designer seems low-key except for the latest mobile telephones he juggles during the meeting in Rome where he talked about his plans.

'There Are Ways To Integrate'

Do you think India has a sizeable market for expensive Italian products?
Our first store has opened in Mumbai but we hope and intend to expand operations. India is at a point we saw China 20 years ago when you could feel the country getting ready for the revolution. India is fast moving up the economic scale. I am very impressed with the Indian people, their ability to plan strategically. Right now the image of India is a very positive one. It is an incredible culture.

Do you see any problems with the business environment?
The law was just passed allowing 51 per cent ownership to foreign brands. It is an important message. It is not a solution to all the problems but a major signal of where India wants to go. We have to find ways to integrate. Our culture and history don't overlap and they can make a perfect fit.

Will you change your designs to suit Indian taste?
Companies with very strong brands have similar products for the world market. But there is the possibility of integration of design. We will have local experts with local...


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