27 October, 2020

t'hell'ka: Sting of the Devil

A blow by blow account, almost, of how TIT (Tehelka Investigating Team) blew the horn on our graft-ridden officialdom and polity

t'hell'ka: Sting of the Devil
There are many rituals of hierarchy in the military because this is one job where you may have to tell someone to go die. It happened recently in Kargil. I was there for some time. You would think that the fourth largest army in the world would have a system in place that could detect amateur sleuths like those in the Tehelka Investigative Team (tit) because of the rather grand question of national security.

But no.

I will here narrate a few incidents of the kind of tomfoolery that happened that should have blown our cover much earlier than it did.

At a meeting with General Murgai (rtd), who was serving when we first met him, he asked a tit member the range of our Thermal Imaging Cameras. With characteristic sincerity, promptness and pomp, our member said, "Unlimited." Then seeing the bewildered expression on the general's face, he tried to retrieve the situation. He said, "No, no what I meant is that after a long distance the vision gets blurred."

At another meeting with Murgai he asked who the bankers were for West End. Our illustrious tit member...


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