13 June, 2021

Their Common Threads

Growth vs development, Bhagwati vs Sen. Both are right, say experts.

Their Common Threads

“Can I not talk about Bhagwati, please? I don’t like talking about Bhagwati. He loves talking about me, I do not like talking about him.”

Amartya Sen, Telegraph

“You must ask Professor Sen, not me, why he will not engage in a debate with me…. After all, he is the one who used the phrase ‘argumentative Indian’ to describe Indians.”

Jagdish Bhagwati, Economic Times

“Ours is not a growth story. They (Bhagwati and Panagariya) argue that growth matters, we absolutely agree. We’d like to go much further than that.”

Amartya Sen, Telegraph

“The truth of the matter is that Mr Sen has belatedly learned to give lip service to growth, which he has long excoriated as a fetish.”

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