14 May, 2021

The Zealots Who Would Inherit

Evangelical hardsell by breakaway Christian sects gives a handle to the saffron brigade

The Zealots Who Would Inherit

In 1972, missionary Rita saw a vision of the whole of India as a vast over-ripe harvest field. There was an urgent call to reap this harvest before it is too late. This is the telling opening line of booklets put out by the East West Mission Bridge-run 'Adopt Your Own Village In India' project. The organisation has a list of villages  that are eagerly waiting for the Gospel.  As soon as you commit yourself to adopting one such village, we will inform our (Indian) partner who will engage and train a new worker in your adopted village and eventually plant a church there.

This 'vision', though singular, is not unique. It's the staple of Christian splinter groups who have broken from mainstream Churches and have established an insistent presence in India. While Christianity and its preachers have been in the country for almost 2,000 years, these fast-multiplying Christian sects or cults most of whom have their financial and ideological roots in the US are now attempting to become the prime proselytisers. In the process, the intolerant attitude betrayed in the language used...

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