16 May, 2021

The Young Are Ageing

More teens are getting cardiac problems today. Is it stress, the lifestyle or just the air?

sanjay rawat
The Young Are Ageing

Aneesh Mahajan (name changed), 14, a ninth standard student in Mumbai, had been having problems with anxiety and palpitations for some time. He wasn’t overweight so initially his parents didn’t worry too much. When they finally took him for a check-up, they found his BP very high. His lipid profile too was above normal levels and there were some mild irregularities in his electro cardiogram (ECG) readings which, of course, indicated a heart problem. Doctors traced the condition to family history, but at 14 to be at ‘heart risk’ was a shocking diagnosis. Investigating further into the Mahajans’ lifestyle, doctors found a vexing problem. Aneesh was under extreme studies-related stress (at one point he was attending three tuitions a day for physics alone). The advice: a break from school for six months, yoga, exercise and no tuitions.

At the risk of sounding alarmist, the fact is that a sizable number of children in their teens are now showing signs of being at heart risk. Studies conducted in the past year in...

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