21 October, 2020

The Yolk Curio

A dinosaur egg stirs central Gujarat. But the GSI says it knew all along.

The Yolk Curio
When Balasinore town celebrated the chance find of a 5-kg fossilised dinosaur egg during a BSNL digging work last week, it was sweet vindication for its denizens. They have been insisting for years that Balasinore had dinosaur fossils, but scientists would just ask them the way to Rahioli, the world-renowned dinosaur hatchery and graveyard some

20 km from Balasinore in central Gujarat's Kheda district. "Everybody thinks only Rahioli had the fossilised eggs embedded in its rocky terrain. I have been saying, even writing, that there are eggs in this town too. Now we have found one and I am sure there is much more underneath," says an excited Shirish Trivedi, local tobacco farmer-cum-journalist.

Trivedi has become the port of call for TV crews and pen-pad journalists and he is elated that they don't go beyond Balasinore to Rahioli, barring a few late risers. A small crowd of residents follows him around as he holds forth on how he has lived amidst dinosaur eggs for the last 20 years in Balasinore and how he knew at first sight that the BSNL find was a fossilised egg....


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