02 March, 2021

The Year Of The Indian Middle Class

I am quintessentially middle class. Nevertheless, I constantly remind myself that there are other things in heaven and earth besides bigger and bigger shopping malls.

The Year Of The Indian Middle Class

When Outlook was launched in 1995, among the first decisions I took was to resist the temptation of nominating a Man of the Year for our Christmas/New Year double issue. As journalists we are designed to have built-in crap detectors and it seemed to me that this whole business of selecting one individual for honour was slightly spurious, if not altogether bogus. Despite my reservations, I note the virus is spreading. Today, there is hardly a media organ which does not indulge its craving for picking a single person. As you may have observed, Outlook continues to buck the trend but I must confess we are feeling pretty lonely.

If push came to shove, I would have to declare 2006 as the year of the "Indian middle class". They've never had it so good. My picture of the winner would be a jeans-clad, Esteem-riding family buying Swiss chocolates. As a companion choice, I would nominate the Indian media which is now so completely aligned to the middle class in its values that the two often work in tandem. Understandably, a fair...

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