27 November, 2020

The Wild Circus

Tiger-bereft Sariska gets its stripes. But is the experiment a costly gamble?

The Wild Circus

Dangerous Pugmarks...

Why the tiger may turn out to be a sacrificial goat in this high-stakes multi-million-rupee gamble to repopulate the Sariska Tiger Reserve:

  • At least 28 villages, including 11 in the core area, have yet to move out
  • The monsoon season makes it difficult to keep track of the tiger's movements once it's let out of its enclosure
  • At least three roads, including a state highway, still operational, making road accidents a high possibility
  • A temple in the heart of the reserve denies it inviolate space
  • The only way to keep the tiger safe is to confine it in its little enclosure for an indeterminate time, by which time it may lose its wild instinct
  • Experts say political expediency behind the great hurry to bring the tiger before its home is ready
  • Villagers aggrieved with tiger for snatching away their land and livelihood


You'd think there is a war afoot in the Sariska...


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