25 September, 2020

"The Voter Now Can Make An Informed Choice"

The CEC is a master of the art of understatement. Murali Krishnan tries to get some telling soundbytes.

"The Voter Now Can Make An Informed Choice"
In the run-up, have any political parties or state governments been problematic?
There are areas in every state that have one problem or the other and we respond to it. In some states violence is an issue, in some militancy and in others, political parties’ complaints about each other.

What difference has the declaration of criminal antecedents/financial assets by candidates made?
The voter now can make an informed choice. We have not studied the impact of this. There are fears that EVMs can be ‘manipulated’ if you have a pliant officer manning it. We have no doubt that the EVMs are trustworthy and voter-friendly. We have no proof of individual complaints. But remember, so long as there is collusion, any system will fail.

How do you plan to keep a check on this collusion?
Look, we have not had any complaints of collusion so far. And we have enough security checks in place in the use and maintenance of EVMs. A technical experts group headed by former IIT director P.V. Indiresan has gone into all aspects of EVMs. Nobody has...



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