13 May, 2021

The Voice Of Dusk

Jagjit Singh’s voice touched emotions like no other. Our loss is irreparable.

The Voice Of Dusk

In this world, there are only a handful of musicians who are born with a quality of voice that places them in another league, sets them apart. Jagjit Singh was blessed with that very rare quality of voice; it was undoubtedly his asset, something nobody in this country can match. The thing about such a voice is that it had the uncanny ability to deliver powerful, soul-stirring emotions with a mere rendering of a note or a turn of phrase. On the surface, Jagjit Singh’s music always seemed simple, so to speak. But rendering it isn’t always so. For example, I am a trained musician, one with the ability to do all kinds of vocal acrobatics, but let me tell you, it is extremely difficult to sing the way he did.

As a child, among the first ghazals I heard was his evergreen Aahista Aahista. I was simply floored. That song, even today, continues to haunt me, although my list of favourites has grown to incorporate Jagjit Singh’s musical journey that spanned decades and touched a million hearts across the length and...

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