14 April, 2021

The View Across: A Welcome Refresher

Jaswant, in part, concurs with the Pakistani nationalist narrative. Sympathy, appreciation follow.

Jitender Gupta
The View Across: A Welcome Refresher

As the summary expulsion of Jaswant Singh from the bjp began to burn news wires, his stock in Pakistan soared even higher from the enviable perch he had come to occupy ever since the controversy over his book on Jinnah broke out. It was evident on the day following his expulsion—newspapers ran stories on his fall (or rise) with colour photos, and eminent personalities showered accolades on him.

The secretary-general of the Pakistan Muslim League (Qaid), Mushahid Hussain Syed, told Outlook, “Expelling Singh from the BJP has exposed the true face of Indian democracy, which appears to be worse than dictatorship. His book should be published in Pakistan; the civil society here is surprised over this expulsion.” The consensus here is: his expulsion has uncovered the BJP’s obscurantist, fascist visage. It has also whetted the hunger for Singh’s book. As columnist Sarah Humayun wrote in Daily Times, “I must be among countless readers waiting to get hold of it. Not so much, though, to learn...

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