12 May, 2021

The Victim Will Be Judge

The country's deeply-flawed development plans can be rejected by the poor

R. Prasad
The Victim Will Be Judge
Mahatma Gandhi, at the time of independence, had warned against a speed of industrialisation which would make people unemployed. A number of people misunderstood that as an opposition to machines itself. In fact, Gandhi was merely against automation in sectors where there was a danger of machines taking away people's jobs. Because of indiscriminate industrialisation and further opening up of the market after embarking on the path of globalisation, liberalisation and privatisation, we have landed ourselves in a very peculiar situation.

Today we need two different kinds of policies for two different segments of the population. For one segment, called the service sector, which is small in number but has an artificially boosted purchasing power, we are adopting an economic policy which will offer them the most advanced fruits of development—like ATMs for every alternate streetcorner. For the other segment, which is large in number and has been increasingly left at the mercy of market forces, we have offered a National Rural Employment...

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