20 June, 2021

The Vengeance Of Fiction

The anti-India protests are another expression of the country's ambivalence for the 'Big Brother'

The Vengeance Of Fiction
Apart of the Marwari diaspora found the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal a temptation difficult to resist. For these traders, smitten by wanderlust, late 19th century Nepal was some sort of a real and tangible El Dorado—a fusion of Kashmir's beauty and Kashi's (Varanasi's) serenity: "Kashi-Kashmir ajab Nepal (Kashi-Kashmir extraordinary Nepal)." That experience, a little more than a century later, however, has taken an infernal turn. Last fortnight's violence was directed at the Marwaris of Kathmandu.

It took only a rumour—filmstar Hrithik Roshan's alleged anti-Nepal statements—to take the lid off the suppressed hatred against India. Suddenly, the capital of this quiet Himalayan kingdom began burning. Lumpens chanting anti-India slogans beat up whoever they thought was an Indian. Those particularly vulnerable were vegetable vendors, many of whom hail from the Terai area or the southern plains of the country. The secretary-general of the Nepal Communist Party (Maoist), Comrade Prachand, called upon the people "to unseat the corrupt government of Girija (Prasad Koirala) which...

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