21 October, 2020

The Vagaries Of Cricket

Talent and self-determination is an explosive combination, yet one-day cricket can upturn all plans

The Vagaries Of Cricket
PAKISTAN always beats India these days," I was told by the wife of a good friend who lives in Islamabad. "They don't want to win as badly as we do." Pakistan women know.

I recognised the assertion of the small country shrinking the big neighbour because I am a Welsh-man, and although we do not go to war against England, we huff and we puff at many games without ever having the steam to blow the big house down. But we have had our days at rugby and most games. The lady reminded me, for example, that the amateur world snooker champion is a Pakistani. There you are.

To win at games you do need resolution, you need to be single-minded, though not to the exclusion of life itself and all the friends and the fun they offer. To play for one's country is to experience a high level of motivation; to achieve your targets by self-determination is fulfilling. Of course, when rival countries win matches against each other a strong element of jingoism enters. This can be counter-productive if it simply takes the form of rhetoric against the opposition.




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