30 July, 2021

"The US got off on the wrong foot on Kashmir"

William Clark, Jr. was the US Ambassador to India between 1989 and 1992, receiving his appointment under the Republican administration. He established the India Programme at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, DC, w

"The US got off on the wrong foot on Kashmir"
How would you rate the Clinton administration's handling of India?
It was important for Clinton to visit India. India is too important a country not to be on the president's itinerary. Beyond that, we have gone back and forth a bit on Kashmir. I think the Clinton administration got off on the wrong foot on the Kashmir issue. The US has recognised that and it is joining with India.

Will the Bush administration take forward Clinton's Indian legacy, and in what manner?
I don't know who the assistant secretary for South Asia will be yet, but my impression is that they will give more attention to India. One, because there's more of a business orientation. And two, I think they are more practical and won't try to crowd too many issues on the plate at one time.

With the Republicans describing China as their strategic competitor (and not partner), will India become an important player in Washington's security scheme? And will this have any impact on Sino-India relations?
The Clinton administration got a little carried away with China. I think...

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