28 November, 2020

The Unlikely Heirs

Udhav and Raj lack Bal Thackeray's stature

The Unlikely Heirs

AT 36, Udhav Thackeray comes across as an unlikely heir to his tough-talking and mercurial father, Bal Thackeray. He is softspoken and moderate and the very antithesis of even his extrovert cousin, Raj. Udhav is the Shiv Sena chief's youngest son and possible political heir. But can he take over the reins of a party which needs a successor as forceful and dominating as his predecessor? That's a question that many Shiv Sena supporters find difficult to answer.

For the party woven around the fiery, dictatorial Thackeray, the choice of a successor seems to have narrowed down to Udhav. The other heir, Raj Thackeray—a clone of his uncle in looks, mannerism, speech and even in his penchant for warm Heine-ken beer and cartoon-drawing style—is mired in controversy after some close friends were arrested on a murder charge.

For quite some time Udhav has carefully disassociated himself from the scandals in which the Thackeray family has been dragged into. He has also kept away from the offices of Saamna , the party newspaper. Udhav now prefers to operate...



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