11 May, 2021

The Truth Will Out

My sin was that The Friday Times has never minced words, and Sharif can't stomach criticism.

The Truth Will Out
When an official goon squad stormed into my bedroom at 2.45 am on May 8, beat me up with gunbutts and chains, blindfolded, gagged and dragged me by my feet to a waiting car, I thought they intended to kill me. But they handed me over to the isi the next day for interrogation. I was 'returned' to the police in Islamabad three weeks later, on May 31, rushed to a special judge in charge of an 'anti-terrorist' court, charged with various counts of sedition and remanded to police custody for seven days. Two days later, however, the government realised it had no case against me. So the attorney general read out a brief statement in the Supreme Court saying that I had been released and the charges dropped, although the government reserved the right to proceed against me in fresh cases. The Supreme Court, however, noted that I could not be rearrested on the same charges without its prior permission. What was my sin?

Relations between The Friday Times (tft) and the Nawaz Sharif government went from bad to worse in '98. tft has never minced its words. And Sharif can't stomach criticism....

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