03 March, 2021

The Truth Is Out There

The state elections rolled out smoothly, but it’s money power which ruled on the ground

P. Lashkari
The Truth Is Out There

As we celebrate the smooth working of a massive electoral exercise—simplistically dubbed by many as the semi-final to the greatest show on earth, General Elections 2014—a realisation has dawned that the role of ‘money power’ is reaching alarming proportions. Sure, elections are more fool-proof today than in the past, and most (rightly) salute the EC for managing affairs smoothly. But are our elections free from money and brute power? One doesn’t have to dig too far; shocking reports from the ground show just how distorted the just-concluded state ele­ct­ions were. Consider this:

  • Political parties in Madhya Pradesh devised ingenious methods to work around the Election Commission’s checks. Congress worker Munim Diwedi says contestants deposited money with various shopkeepers, petrol pump owners and hoteliers directly to oblige voters who went to them with a slip with the candidate’s signature. Another political leader revealed that the ‘108’ ambulances were used to carry liquor and money in some...

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