31 July, 2021

The Truth About Indira

Indira had a unique affair with India. As she grew older it turned more passionate and powerful. She was true to her love till the last.

The Truth About Indira
Katherine Frank visited me twice or thrice with her late husband. She wanted an interview with me about Indira Gandhi. She was so pleasant that I found it difficult to say no, but I suspected her intentions. I gently enquired: "How much would you pay me for the interview? I never give free interviews like most Congressmen." She replied: "I have no resources to pay for interviews." The matter ended there, but we met once or twice again over a cup of tea. I was glad I had not given her an interview when I read her book. I do not know in what ways she would have dragged me into her smutty biography.

Frank's appetite for gossip and carnality is gluttonous. She has talked about Indira's abortion, her relationship with Mathai, Dinesh Singh and Dhirendra Brahmachari, while admitting that, "it has never been proved one way or another that she (Indira) had many lovers. M.O. Mathai's books were published more than 20 years ago, so his claim of having had a long affair with Indira isn't breaking news. Mathai is also a...

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