24 October, 2020

The True Lies

The Saving Private Lynch story moved many. Turns out it wasn't for real Updates

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The True Lies
Nothing emanating from the ashes of Gulf War II compares in drama to the saga of Saving Private Lynch. A young American woman soldier rescued by her mates from the clutches of bloodthirsty Iraqis. There was Ramboesque courage, precision teamwork, acts of mythic selflessness. The Americans loved it.

Only, it’s turned out the script was more make-believe than that of a Hollywood thriller.

As the fog of war fades away, the medical teams and local residents who witnessed the April 1 rescue operation of Jessica Lynch, apprehended by the Iraqis after an ambush at Nassiriyah, are telling a starkly different story. Interviewed separately, the Nassiriyah hospital staff here described the special forces raid as a terrifying incursion into area already under US control.

For Dr Harith al-Houssona, 24, who nurtured Lynch through the worst of her injuries, the whole story of her rescue sounded bizarre. "The most important thing is that the Iraqi soldiers and commanders had left the hospital almost two days earlier," said Dr al-Houssona. "The night they left, a few of the...



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