10 May, 2021

The Three Musketeers Of Bollywood

Aamir, Salman, Shahrukh turn 50. They have owned the Hindi film for half their lives already.

The Three Musketeers Of Bollywood
  • Khans Combined 4,388
  • Shahrukh Khan 1,472
  • Aamir Khan 1,282
  • Salman Khan 1,634

* Source: Ormax Media; domestic box-office collections from 2000-2014; figures in rupees crore


“Why is media so obsessed with age?” Irrfan Khan asks me in amusement as I tell him the reason behind my Mumbai visit: to put together a clutch of articles to mark Bollywood Khandom—Aamir, Shahrukh and Salman—turning 50 this year. We meander then into a long, tangential discussion on ageing. “Hollywood is not so fixated with age, perhaps because they have roles and material to deal with it,” the actor muses. “Age brings in perspective, awareness, attractiveness and sharpness which should, ideally, be valued.”

That, indeed, is the point. Dodging your age. At an age when they should have hit midlife crisis and been working towards...

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