03 March, 2021

The Third Rock From The Sun

That's Earth's future if the North-South divide on the Kyoto Protocol on greenhouse emissions is not resolved soon

The Third Rock From The Sun
That the world is warming, there is little doubt. That we, the human race, are mostly to blame for it, is now more or less accepted. That if we don't do something fast, we may have to pay heavily for it later, is hardly an alarmist view. But how we should go about arresting the phenomenon of global warming is still politically a frustrating issue, for at stake is the economic future of the interested parties. How much each, chiefly the highly industrialised nations, is willing to concede to preserve the world's climate is a billion-dollar question.

Last month, 6,000 delegates representing various governments and ngos from around the world met in The Hague to fashion a political consensus on how to implement the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, which lays down specific targets to reduce carbon emissions. Given the grand cacophony which lasted for 12 days, it wasn't surprising that the talks ended in an impasse. Basically, the world failed to persuade the US, the biggest emitter of carbon, to lead by example, be a little accommodating towards the developing nations and not view climate...

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