30 July, 2021

The Temple Of Doom

The spectre of a crushing defeat haunts the BJP, compelling it to strike desperate alliances

Tribhuvan Tiwari
The Temple Of Doom
The classic game of deferral is finally over. And there is nothing that can save the BJP from its moment of truth on what it considers its home-turf. The UP assembly elections are due in March next year and signs of desperation are already palpable in the party. Leaders, both in Lucknow and in New Delhi, are getting jittery over the BJP's continuing downslide in the state, which began two years ago with Kalyan Singh's expulsion. But more than vague intimations of mortality, what has set alarm bells ringing is clear feedback from the ground: the BJP and its allies may find it difficult to corner over 100 seats in the 403-member UP assembly. If this assessment is true, it would place the BJP in the unenviable number three position, behind the SP and the BSP.

The BJP's fear of failure is manifest in its panic-stricken attempts to forge pre-poll alliances with smaller parties like Ajit Singh's Rashtriya Lok Dal (rld) and Kurmi leader Sonelal Patel's Apna Dal. This is part of its current strategy to tie up with any party which can add to its tally with even a handful of...

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