21 June, 2021

‘The Tech’s There, Not The Political Will’

Magsaysay award winner Bezwada Wilson, in the wake of Ghazipur landfill tragedy, talks about the civic scenario and why, as a nation, have failed to deal with sanitation in a scientific manner...

Photograph by Narendra Bisht
‘The Tech’s There, Not The Political Will’

Magsaysay award winner Bezwada ­Wilson has been at the forefront of a spirited campaign for many years, working relentlessly for the total eradication of manual scavenging in the country. In conversation with Giridhar Jha after the recent landfill tragedy at Ghazipur in Delhi, the 51-year-old crusader talks about the civic scenario, death of sanitary workers, the prime minister’s pet Swachh Bharat campaign and the reasons why we, as a nation, have failed to deal with sanitation in a scientific manner.

A doctor died recently in Mumbai after falling into an open manhole in a floo­ded street. In Delhi, two commuters lost their lives under an avalanche of garbage at the Ghazipur landfill. Isn’t it an alarming situation in urban India?

Garbage disposal is a big issue and an inc­ident like Ghazipur was just waiting to happen. We can reuse the waste. When you quiz the authorities, they say they are using the Japanese technology to make electricity out of it, but actually they are not...

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