15 June, 2021

The Tap Dancers

Entering the complex web of phone taps

Jitender Gupta
The Tap Dancers

On Tap

  • Feb 16: Constable held for unauthorised surveillance
  • Feb 18: Pvt detective agency employee Neeraj arrested
  • Feb 19:  Three pvt detectives arrested
  • Feb 20: Anurag Singh, alleged kingpin, arrested
  • Feb 25: Singh’s  custody extended


Let’s call him Doctor Phone Tap. Police sources say that if anyone wanted a phone tapped in Delhi, they went to Dr Anurag Singh, the man who is currently in police custody for seeking the call records of Arun Jaitley, leader of the opposition in the Rajya Sabha. A qualified MBBS who worked with RAW as an informer, Singh is believed to be a treasure trove of inf­ormation on telephone service providers, as well as someone with great connections in the Delhi police.

Investigating illnesses having long ceased to engage his interest, Singh turned soon enough to his first love: running a private detective agency. He has had an office in Connaught Place since 2005. His employee...

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