30 November, 2020

The Taliban, Raised To Two

The spectre of a civil dictatorship looms as Sharif appropriates the right to determine what is Islamic and what is not

The Taliban, Raised To Two

 HE has for a long time now nurtured an elusive dream of emerging as Pakistan's Amirul Momineen. But it was finally sheer strategic desperation that drove Nawaz Sharif to make a bid for total and absolute power. The prime minister has left the masses with little choice between submitting to his Muslim League style of Islamisation or openly rebelling against what Benazir Bhutto calls a blasphemous amendment to the Constitution.

When he could no longer take the heat from the fallout of the US Tomahawk missiles, Sharif diverted the people's attention towards the 15th constitutional amendment which proposes to make the Quran and Sunnah the supreme law of the country. He succeeded.

On August 31, there were 10 stories on the bill on the outer pages of the daily The News, with several commentaries on the editorial pages. But at what cost has this latest decision been made? Sharif's future path is strewn with immense dangers and nobody is even for a moment ready to believe that the slogan of Islam will reverse the Sharif...



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